Have you ever been guilty of being impatient when a non-English speaking person is asking for help or a visitor needs directions? Have you said if you are going to live in this country you should learn the language? I am that person now on the other side of the fence that we may have been impatient with or judged. I can’t speak the language nor do I know where anything is or how most things work. I have to ask for help for almost everything. It is frustrating not to be able to communicate although it is amazing what sign language can accomplish. I would like to speak the language but it is not easy and does not happen quickly especially with an aging memory. Going to the grocery store is a chore right now as I try to learn the Romanian equivalent of what I am looking for. It takes me twice as long to calculate costs as I had to convert the bananas from kilos to pounds and then calculate the lei to the dollar. I have a new appreciation when people want to speak their native tongue when they are together rather than English because they are in the US and I think they should be speaking English. My perspective has been enhanced now that I am on the other side and this brings newfound patience and tolerance. I encourage you to consider your perspective as you never know when you too might find yourself on the other side of the fence.

Sarmale...a traditional Romanian meal

Sarmale…a traditional Romanian meal